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May 03, 2017
** This is a great post if you are looking to join the challenge and need some clean eating! Worksheets are on the front desk! Challenge starts Sunday.
There is two days a week that I usually consider having Mexican Food.  Taco Tuesday (but I don’t even care too much for tacos… please don’t judge me) and Thirsty Thursday (because Margaritas are good and go best with Mexican Food- duh).  So on any one of these days, the idea of going out to a restaurant is thrown around- and sometimes we do it, and it’s yummy, and an indulgence, and expensive.  Margaritas ain’t cheap.  But there are other times, especially when we are not in an indulgence mode, that we do Mexican at home.  My favorite dish is fajitas.  They can be a “healthier option” when eating out, but can be straight up healthy and delicious when prepared at home!  So what’s stopping you?  Well if it’s a time issue, I found a solution!  The idea was on Pinterest and I tried it last night, added my own flare, and it was awesome.  Pan baked fajitas!  The dicing is what takes the longest- but you can do this at ANYTIME!  So get a chopping!
       Slice in strips:
3 bell peppers- red, green and yellow
        1 yellow onion
1.5 lbs. of chicken breast 
And maybe you do this in the morning, or the night before… So when it’s evening time and all you have left for the day is  a gym sesh and grub time- you’re golden.  So before you head out for the 5:30 Crossfit (see what I’m doing here…) Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Pour 1-2 table spoons of olive oil on a baking sheet, throw your sliced goodness on there, scoop out 1-2 tablespoons of minced garlic, sprinkle some cilantro, season with your faves: sea salt, cumin, paprika, chile powder, correandor, and black pepper.  Mix with hands and spread evenly on pan. Then squeeze some fresh lime over the top.  Pop that bad boy in the oven and set the bake time for 20-25 minutes.  Then say adios and hit that WOD (*assuming your oven as an automatic bake time to turn off after it’s expired*).  
        When you come home the house will smell delicious.  You’ll be hungry.  Do what you wish from here to eat the goodness that awaits.  You can have it over some greens, maybe add some avocado and salsa as a dressing.  Heat up some black beans  and throw some diced cabbage in there- make it a burrito bowl.  Or another bit of heaven I discovered last night- the egg tortilla.  Scramble some eggs and oil up a small pan.  Cook a thin layer of egg (remember it bulk up) on the pan at a time- like you were doing an omelet.  Then when the consistency is flipable, cook up the other side lightly and enjoy your tortilla… and thank me later!
Workout of the Day
3 Rounds For Time
40 Single Arm DB Push Press 50/35 (you can break them up any way as long as you get 20 on your right arm and 20 on your left arm)
30 Power Cleans 115/75
Round 1 :20 Knees to Elbows
Round 2: 20 Toes to Bar
Round 3: 20 Bar Muscle-ups (sub pull-ups, jumping bmu)
25 minute cap
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