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February 18, 2012

This is the last Saturday before the CrossFit Games Open.  We’ll have a free Bring a Friend WOD at 9am and and an advanced WOD at 10am.  After 2 straight weeks of Saturday competitions, ailment I can’t wait to get back into a normal routine.  The CrossFit Games Open starts this week, sales with the WOD being announced on Wednesday night.  The Open won’t change the CFO schedule at all; we always do a challenging WOD at 10am on Saturday’s, now we’ll be doing it with the rest of the world.


I don’t plan on changing the programming at all during the Open; I’ll just plug the WODs in on Saturday’s.  If we can work the Open WODs into our normal 9am Saturday classes, I will.  I would like to set up Google Doc for all Open competitors to document scores, thoughts and preparations as we tackle the Open as Team CrossFit Oakdale.  I’ll set it up this weekend: please make sure I have a good email for you.


I always get excited and nervous before events.  Did I do enough to prepare?  One thing will always be true: we can only control the things we can control.  We can’t control the workouts, but we can get as fit as we can, make sure our range of motion is correct, rest properly, eat well, mobilize, and leave it all on the table.  One great thing about the Open, is if you make a strategic mistake, you can re-do the WOD.  In the past couple of months, I’ve made some dumb mistakes at do or die moments in competition, the Open gives you some room to try some things.  But not too much…



Workout of the Day



Movements are Pullups (Ring Rows) and Front Squats (Goblet Squats)


10am Advanced


7 Front Squat 165/110

7 Chest to Bar Pullups

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