The Comeback

Below is an excellent video on injury and recovery.  In sport and in life, this web injuries happen.  Fitness is both preventative and rehabilitative: your fitness protects you from injuries, stomach and will help you recover from them.  It’s cool to watch Zach Krych hit PR’s after a catastrophic injury, but the most important part of the video is watching him do what he can with his limitations.  Zach back squats with casts because that’s what he can do.  He slowly builds his strength and confidence (a huge part of injury recovery) slowly, but steadily.
Injuries, just like developing fitness, can be scaled and worked around.  As coaches, we are usually aware of issues you may have, but make sure you communicate injuries and limitations so we can adjust the workouts to your ability.
Love the music!
Workout of the Day
10 Deadlift 275/185
50 Doubleunders

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