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    The trainers at Crossfit Oakdale have over 12 years experience teaching (and many more practicing) the CrossFit method.

    We have trained everyone from athletes, military, law enforcement, firefighters, first responders, Ironman triathletes, outdoor enthusiasts, new and expecting moms, kids, grandmothers, and people looking to better their lives through fitness. We have programmed hundreds of WODs (Workout of the Day), and run thousands of people, of every fitness level, through WODs.

    At CrossFit Oakdale, we believe fitness is a life-long process. Safe and effective

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    We had a great bar clinic on Sunday. Denny showed me a nice progression from CrossFit Invictus a few months back, and we used that to drill down on the movement. The cues were worked were: the bad cheerleader, target feet, big swing, knees up and kick. These cues can be worked each time we prep pullups, toes to bar or muscle ups. Check out the video and give it a try. We also talked about the importance of the dip and worked the butterfly pullup progression.

    We will do another clinic on 13 January 2021. I said it would be a handstand clinic, but we can be flexible.

    Workout of the Day

    Week 3 of 4

    Front Squat

    5 sets of 3

    5 sets for reps
    Burpees to touch
    40 seconds work, 20 seconds of rest
    Score is total number of pounds lifted across 5 sets plus total number of bu