Need some heavy


Need some heavy

It’s been awhile since I’ve moved some serious weight. In fact, visit web Alison was complaining that it’s been a long time since she’s moved some weight. I concur.  We have plenty of weight, so let’s put it to use with some deadllifts, the mother of all weight movers.
The weight on this WOD is heavy, advanced stuff.  So, if you’re doing this at home, please scale appropriately.
I’ll likely be by the gym after 5:30.  Keep an eye on Facebook to see when someone is at the gym.  Hit up Alison to schedule a time to do your sign up paperwork.
Remember, our pre-registration rates go until Dec. 3.
Workout of the Day
5 sets of 3, from a deficit (standing on plates).  Going to work with 75% of 1RM.
5 Deadlift 315/205
3 Wall Climbs

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    1. Brandon

      Good job B, wish I could of made it last night let me know when you’ll be there tonight and see if I can get a couple more MU’s