CrossFit Oakdale has hosted a couple of “first WODs” but Saturday felt pretty official.  9am saw a good sized crew, capsule a warm up, mobility, some learning, and a lung busting AMRAP.  Just like CrossFit should be.
Power came a little sooner than expected, so we can use the bathroom in the light!  We’re still working out where everything goes, and we’re going to keep working that stuff out.  As you come in to get signed in, if you see something that doesn’t look right, or have a suggestion, let us know.  We’re relying on you to make this a gym we can all be proud of.
We have another big equipment push coming mid-week.  We’ll get some paint on the walls this week, and brighten up our spartan home sweet home.  Quick story: We bought 1 whiteboard, 4’x3′.  That seemed big enough, right?  Well, it ain’t.  CFO will have to do some whiteboard shopping this week.
I’ll continue posting the WODs I am doing as we learn how to use our space.  Once we officially open, you can expect strength training 2-3 times a week, followed by a short metabolic conditioning WOD.  On the other days, it will be CrossFit WODs.
I am currently preparing for the 2012 Orange County Throwdown, better known as the OC Throwdown, which will be held on January 14-15.  I got a nice shout out from them over the weekend on their Facebook page.  They called me a “contender”, and I’m honored, and a little nervous.  If you’re on Facebook, make sure you “like” their page, as they post awesome performance videos and updates.
It’s going to be an epic competition, maybe the best one in the world next to the CrossFit Games.  It’s rumored to be held in a 22,000 seat arena somewhere in the OC. 75 men are qualified for the Elite division, and at least 5 mens Games competitors are participating, with dozens of Regional level athletes, along with Games Affiliate team members (like my buddies Chad Augustin and Gary Baron from Rocklin CrossFit.  Chad was 14th in the WORLD in the 2011 Open, and RCF finished 6th at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games).

Mobilizing.  Getting better.  Everyday.

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  1. TDUB

    Of course you are a contender! That’s what happens when you work hard!! Get after it, B!! It’s going to be EPIC, fo sho!!!