Are you a cheating yourself?


Are you a cheating yourself?

Cheating on Paleo.  I hate the term “cheat” meal, viagra buy even though I use the term.  Oh, buy and I do “cheat”.  I like the concept that cheating implies deception, and I am fully aware of my eating decisions.
** There will be no 4:30 class on Wednesday June 20th and Friday June 22nd.**
Attention 6am-ers – we will be holding 6am classes at our normally scheduled days: Mon, Wed and Fri.  Tricia will be commanding Team 6 in our absence.  BOOM!

Don “Gettin’ Some” after class last week. 

Workout of the Day
Handstand walking
Wall Climb 5/3
Jump Course out of building
18 Kettlebell Swings 53/35
Crab walk into builtding

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  1. Robin Cadmus

    IMHO – there is no such thing as a “cheat” day when you are dieting! Cheating is basically doing something that is wrong! Here’s my take on it….When you are training hard, rest days are an integral part of that training process. Likewise, “resting” from a strict diet is much the same concept…a very important part of the diet. So you see….I can make anything work to my advantage. 😉