Keep on Truckin'


Keep on Truckin'

I absolutely love when we throw stuff like wall climbs at you and everyone says…”hmmm. Okay.” Today we really did it and you all kept on truckin’. Thank you. 95% of you got upside down into a handstand. AND then wall climbed, viagra jumped over hurdles and  crab walked.
Even better is when you read stuff like this:  Conney F: That was fun! Jumping and crab crawling makes me feel like a kid! If you haven’t joined our Facebook Community, viagra make sure you “like” us. We give out tons of updates and info. In fact we love posting when we are traveling the country…watch out for the next few weeks!

Sean G. Back Squatting Monday Night

Workout of the Day


95/65 Power Snatch/Snatch Balance/Overhead Squat/Hang Squat Snatch*

*If you let go of the bar before this is complete, NO REP! (imagine arms sweeping) You must complete the 4 skills before bar is released.