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The show must go on…

January 15, 2015

We had a pretty cool night on Tuesday night.  During the 6:30pm class, more about the power went out all around the TL Davis Complex (and checking FB, information pills maybe all over Oakdale).  While deadlifting, seek we were plunged into darkness.  Cooler heads prevailed and panic was avoided.  Coach Denny told us to slide our feet as not to trip over loaded barbells or weight in the blackness.  Instead of saying, well it’s dark, let’s go home, we pulled out our cell phone lights, Conney pulled up her car and we used the headlights and we kept on lifting.  Melissa wondered aloud “What do they do at Gold’s gym when the power goes out?  How do they run when their treadmills won’t go?”

Instead of working out to music, we got Denny’s time reminders and the sound of our breathing.

We experienced a WOD blackout right around the time we opened in 2011, and this time was no different.  We didn’t let a little darkness get in the way of our chance to work hard.  Gloria was there for the first “Dark Side of the Moon” WOD, and being a WOD warrior, she was there for the second.  Now, I don’t hope for the power to go out again.  But if it does, I’m proud of our athletes for being able to roll with the punches.


Workout of the Day


12 Toes to Bar

24 Walking Lunge Steps

48 Doubleunders

Today’s WOD was created by Coach Louis.  Can’t wait!

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