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June 07, 2012

K-Star spoke briefly about the impact of sitting in the video yesterday.  I give you the Stand Up Desk.  The guy who designed this also started Keen shoes.  I wore Keen shoes for 3 years.  They’re great hiking and casual shoes.

How Would You Deal With This Unhealthy Co-worker?  I have bee doing CrossFit for several years now, viagra 40mg and I am as enthusiastic about it as I ever have been, stuff if not more so.  But, I TRY to keep my enthusiasm tempered at work.  First, being the “fitness guy” around a bunch of cops can get you made fun of pretty quick.  Second, being health conscious, is there anything more annoying that when you do decide to eat a donut, everyone at work breaks your chops?  Sometimes I want, nay, even deserve a chocolate ring donut!

I like Nerd Fitness’ Captain America example (duh, I’m a comic guy).  Be positive, set an example, and others will follow if that’s their choice.

Workout of the Day


Run 400m

21 Box Jumps 24/20

12 Pullups

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