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Open WOD 13.2

March 15, 2013

Open WOD 13.2 dropped on Wednesday night and we’ll be tackling it as a gym on Friday.  We will also perform 13.2 on Saturday at 10am.  If you are planning on training Friday and performing the WOD on Saturday, more about you may do 4 RFT: Row 500m, page Run 400m.  This option is only for Open athletes.


13.2 is a perfect CrossFit tester.  It looks light and easy, but as a I say – BEWARE EASY!  Because the weight is light, the reps add up fast.  Proper positioning, especially on the deadlift and the box jump will be essential.  You will load up your low back and hamstrings as you transition throughout the deads and jumps, and as you pass the halfway point, it gets tough.


To me, 13.2 looks like what a WOD to open the Opens should be – light, unassuming and highly accessible. I almost think CFHQ switched 13.1 and 13.2 at the last minute.


I tested the WOD on Wednesday, and I have some thoughts.

Push Jerk the weight early.  Even if you are able to press it, I would push jerk the barbell the whole way.  I found I would push press, even shoulder press the 5th jerk, but that was it.

If possible, hook grip your push jerks and transition directly into the deads.  This is a weight that nearly everyone in at CFO can handle in unbroken sets.  For the most part, we deadlift with an alternating grip.  I went with a clean grip until the very late rounds when I dropped the bar after my final jerks.  It will save you a few seconds early.  This makes a nice discipline test (which I failed, I guess).  I’ll dig in on my next attempt and hang onto the bar.

In the end, this is a BOX JUMP WOD.  If you were to get 10 rounds, you would likely spend 30 seconds each round doing box jumps.  That’s half the time.  Review the video I posted from Mobility WOD, but look into some of Carl Paoli’s box jump videos.  If there are other jump tips, please share on the Facebook page.

Chance has a sweet little stutter step that he uses on each box jump.  K-Star demo’s this stutter step off the box in the video.  I decided not to use the stutter step in the WOD, trying to just jump through it, and my jumps fell apart later in the WOD.  This was extremely frustrating.  DON’T BE A MEATHEAD!  Use the most technical, efficient movement that you have command of, and perform it from the start.

Box jump note: step ups are allowed in this WOD.  Writing that made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.  This will not be allowed in other CFO WODs.  BUT…if it’s legal here, I would like to figure out if we ca use it to our advantage.  Is stepping up for 1 or2 reps to start or finish a round a good way to save you legs?  I have no idea, but if someone tests it, please share your thoughts.

The 10 minute duration is tricky as well.  For efficient athletes, this can turn turn into an all out sprint.  I would liken it to running a mile and a half as fast as you can.  The call of “5 minutes!” or “Halfway!” will leave you bewildered you have so far to go.  But the call of “90 seconds!” comes fast and you realize you are out of time.  Maintaining focus and efficient moment in minutes 5-8 is make or break for good scores.

Hydration is even more important here – I would recommend some type of hydration aid (read: salt) 2 hours before performing the WOD.  I find when I have to move heavy weights fast, I prefer an empty stomach.  Because the weights here are light, I didn’t experience the nausea I did on 13.1.  I think you could eat 2 hours before this and be fine.  But again, pre-performance fuel is extremely personal.

I am going to pay special attention to MacKenzie’s warm.  The 30-45 intervals is something I will use.  You want to start fast, go fast and finish fast.

Workout of the Day

Open WOD 13.2


5 Shoulder to Overhead  115/75

10 Deadlift 115/75

15 Box Jump 24/20


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