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No More Ratchets!

February 17, 2015

A note on the Deadlift

Things are, check and should, page be getting very heavy.  If you have been adding weight each week, you are likely over your starting weight and may even be approaching maxes.  This is great.  DO NOT get wrapped around the axle if you are not hitting your intended number.  If you are working at or close to 90% of your 1RM, you probably doing fine.  The purpose of this exercise and progression is to build confidence pulling heavy objects off the floor.  The intent is to do this every time with a perfect, safe set up and a fast, smooth pull.

A ratchet is NOT a fast, smooth pull.  The weight should be heavy – but if you are moving in a herky, jerky manner – you are not moving safely and smoothly.

I spent a few minutes looking at bad Deadlifts on the internet.  It isn’t worth my time or energy to post one here.  Don’t ratchet the bar up.  If you need to know what a ratchet is, ask a coach.  If you do ratchet the bar up – a coach will let you know.

A thought on Box Jumps and the upcoming Open:

This is just me guessing, but with the addition of the scaled division, athletes may be required to actually jump on a box in the Open.

Beautiful shot of Mama and baby in the background.

Beautiful shot of Mama and baby in the background.

Workout of the Day


Deadlift, 1.1.1, Week 7

Take 25 minutes to build to a heavy set of 3 quick singles.


With a 20 minute cap perform 3 couplets, resting 3 minutes after each piece


Box Jumps 24/20


Rest 3 minutes


Box Jumps 24/20


Rest 3 minutes


Box Jumps 24/20


Score is total time to complete the work, rest included.

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