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Love the kids!

May 09, 2016

As the weather gets warmer and definitely during the summer, pilule we see an influx of kids at the gym. Everyone is welcome, ask but we do need to be respectful of the other businesses in the complex. Towards the street there are water meters and fire alarms that have been played with and set off in the past. Please make sure the kids hang out towards our end of the parking lot if they are going to hang out there. Thanks in advance!


Workout of the Day

Minute 0-4: 15 Squat Cleans 135/85   Scaled 95/65  Masters SC. 65/45

Minute 4-8: 13 Squat Cleans 185/115 Scaled 115/75  Masters SC.  85/65

Minute 8-12: 11 Squat Cleans 225/145 Scaled 135/95  Masters SC.  105/75


Minute 12-16: 9 Squat Cleans 275/175  Scaled 155/115  Masters SC.  125/85


Minute 16-20: 7 Squat Cleans 315/205 Scaled 185/135  Masters SC.  145/105


We are banking the time – If you complete 15 squat cleans in 3 minutes you will add the required weight and then you would have 5 minutes to complete 13 squat cleans. The 13 squat cleans will have to be done by 8 minutes. 


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