Are you a crowd funder?


Are you a crowd funder?

By Alison

In the time wasting department…

I love checking out these new innovative products that are looking for funding…indiegogo, discount Kickstarter, remedy etc. There are some VERY interesting products out there. From KEVLAR iPhone chargers to personal wearable air purifiers, there are ideas out there on the brink of being the next hottest Christmas present.

Does every idea need to come to fruition? I will be the first to admit I have backed a Kickstarter campaign that did get funded. I will (hopefully) be receiving my Backbone – and will straighten up my posture with constant reminders from my iPhone – in October. My mom lives all of the way across the country, which means I miss out on the “stand up straight” comments that I deserve.

Necessity is the mother of all invention, but at what point are we creating more products to have more products? I came across the HOVR. It is basically a self propelled treadmill that is mounted under a desk. I get it, keep the blood circulating while you are still sitting. It boasts you can burn 17% more calories during the long hours you are seated –  it’s like a swing for your feet.

Does working out at your desk seem appealing?  It doesn’t to me.  If one of your goals in life is to reach retirement age and get out of the office, why not enjoy the journey in getting there? Take a walk around the block – alone or with a friend. Get a cup of coffee on the outside. Try to be present.  Take a break from the constant buzz of technology.

Have you invested in a new product that met it’s claims? How about one that has not?

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5 sets of 2, 85% of 1RM



Sumo Deadlift High Pull 75/55

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