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November 27, 2016

The Fifth Annual Franniversary is this coming Saturday – December 3rd. There are still some spots left, sildenafil so if you have a partner and you both like to have fun, pharmacy and maybe win some cash, get registered! If you are interested in volunteering and or judging, WE NEED YOU! Free t-shirt as payment:) Contact Alison (call or text) at 209-345-4380.

  • Any and ALL bar/wallball/transition exchange will require the double hi-five before the next Athlete can begin to work.

The gauntlet will have three 6 minute workouts. There will be 4 minutes of rest in between each workout. You will not leave the gym floor, but hang out in the designated rest areas with your partner. The first event in the gauntlet is “Randy” – in 6 minutes, your team will perform as many snatches, any style as possible. The barbell will start on the ground, move directly overhead, not stopping until complete lockout at the top. Movement is completed once the the Athlete’s feet have returned to the starting position. Only then can the barbell be lowered. Scaled Athletes may perform a ground to overhead any style. The weight for all categories is 75/55.

The second workout is “Karen” – as many wall ball shots as possible in the 6 minute period. Athletes must wait behind the designated line when their partner is working. Partner will return behind the line, drop the ball, double hi-five and then the next person can pick up the ball and head to the wall. Judges will be looking for full depth of squat and target hit. Please review the video standards on Instagram. Medicine Balls will be 20#/14# for both divisions.

The third workout is  Fat Bar “D.T.” 12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang Power Cleans and 6 Shoulder to Overhead with the Axle Bar. RX weight will 45’s and 5’s on the axle bar for men and 25’s and 5’s for the ladies. Scaled weight will be 25’s and 5’s and then 15’s and 5’s. Please review video on Instagram. 

After the Gauntlet there will be the Fran part of Franniversary! 3…6…9…12…then up by 3’s of Thrusters and Pullups (chin over bar any style) for RX and Thrusters and Kettlebell Swings (full extension of arms/head through the window of your shoulders) for the Scaled. At the top of each round RX teams will perform 30 Double Unders. Scaled teams will perform 60 singles.  If partner A goes first on the double unders/single unders, they must complete all 30/60. There is NO switching out during double unders. Thrusters and pulling movements can be broken up any way. 

Top 5 teams in each division will move on to the final. Expect to do Muscle-Ups in the RX final. 

Tentative heat schedules will be released hopefully by Wednesday (definitely by Thursday). Grit Gear will have a booth to sell some fun stuff – Check them out on Facebook!


Workout of the Day


Back Squat – week 4 of 8

Build to a Heavy 3 in 20 minutes. If possible, add 10 pounds to last week’s lift.



12 Kettlebells Swings 53/35

12 Wall Ball Shots 20/14

12 Calorie Row (10 cal assault bike)

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