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Fran Thoughts

December 06, 2017

I’ve had a few days to internalize Fran VI.  I will say, every year, this is an amazing performance that exceeds my expectations. This year, Mariah and Jordan from CrossFit Davis and CrossFit Envy knocked out the Knockout Workout.  They went well over 20 minutes total, and completed over 12 rounds of 5 Burpees, 5 Power Cleans, 5 Thrusters.  Not only was the amount of work they performed impressive, but it was how they did the work.  They didn’t move extremely fast, but they were incredibly consistent across the entire workout.  Once they settled in, Mariah would finish the work at :30, and Jordan would push out his final thruster as :52.  This happened EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

We had a bunch of great performances from CFO athletes.

Lizzy, Amie, and Maggie took to the competition floor for the first time.  Lizzy has been CrossFit for less than a year, but she had a little help.  Sarah L was coaching her in her garage before she braved the wilds of the warehouse.  Amie and Maggie had perhaps my second favorite name – “L.E.M.A.” – Low Expectations for Maggie and Amie – and had my favorite uniform.

Sarah W and Alex had my favorite name, “Thruster Gently.”  How do you tell you mom you are working out for Thruster Gently?  Looking forward to seeing Thruster Gently 4EVA in next years competition (December 1, 2018)  They took 7th in the “scaled” division, with 2 6th place finishes.

I’m a little biased, but my favorite team took last in the scaled division, but don’t be too hard on them.  They are 14.  Great job Finn and Connor!

The man crush continues!  Tim and Bryce were color coordinated in shirt and fitness.  Thick Thighs Unite took 6th overall with a best finish of 6th in the Deadlift Speed Ladder.  For their next act, the boys will be breaking out of prison and hiding out in strip club, or Bryce will pull Tim off a toilet that’s going to explode, or they will ride through the Rocky Mountains on a scooter.

Jack and Sarah L  joined forces and earned their way into the finals.  Jack punched his ticket to the finals last year with Chris, and Sarah just missed with Sid from CrossFit Merced.  This year, they made the finals in a stacked field of at least one Crossfit Games athlete and a handful of Regional competitors, not to mention and experienced group of extremely fit people.

The level of fitness and tests have improved every year.  This year, I would be hard pressed to call the scaled division “scaled” as they did so much work, especially in the “Knockout” WOD.  I didn’t knock any one out with my workout, but as you get better, I will get more devious!

Workout of the Day


Clean and Jerk

3 sets of 2, 75%

Take 10-12 minutes to get warmed up.



30 Air Squats

15 Pullups

10 minute cap.

This cap is aggressive.  You will have to be moving g to finish.  So…move.

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