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Bring a Friend Saturday Meets Games Opens WOD 1

February 25, 2012

The CrossFit Games season is here!  CFO will be hitting our full, click educated effort on Saturday morning.  Saturday will also be a free bring a friend workout.  Please come out and cheer on Team CrossFit Oakdale as we try to do more burpees than any team in the world.  I said before that we would do the Opens WOD as a gym, and CrossFit HQ has made it pretty easy for the whole world to play.  There is still time to sign up on the CrossFit Games page.


CrossFit has started the event with a simple movement to test work capacity.  No equipment is required and it’s very easy to judge.  It’s not “sexy” or complex, but extremely effective.  So far, over 55,000 people have signed up for the Open, and I would imagine the collective jaws fell to the floor when burpees, and just burpees, came out of the hopper.  I know mine did.  But, if you’ve been training around CrossFit Oakdale for a few minutes, or trained with me before, you’re prepared for an all out 7 minute effort.  Enjoy it, and know you’re prepared.


I would imagine that workouts will get more complex as we go on, but only slightly so.  Like last year, the weights will likely remain reasonable, the movements simple and easy to score.  Only your desire to go faster and push harder will separate the fittest.


7 minute AMRAP to judge the fittest on earth? Sounds like 7 minute abs.  When CFHQ posted this WOD, this scene is exactly what I though of.


Workout of the Day


CrossFit Games Open WOD 12.1




The burpees begin with your chest and thigh touching the ground, and end with a both hands touching a target 6″ above your max reach.


For both classes, we will have additional work following the Opens WOD.

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