Don't Worry…There Are No Burpees In The Near Future

The first week of the CrossFit Games Open is in the books!  We did A LOT of burpees!  I can honestly say I’ll be fine if I don’t do a burpee for a couple of days.
Kelly Starrett weighs in on why he thinks the Games “season” is important.  It provides exposure to the process of preparation, buy information pills stress, test, repeat. It’s great to learn how you prepare.
Another cool aspect of the Games season is the need to “go to school” on the movements as they come up.  I never gave burpees to much thought, just do ’em.  But when a single burpee could be worth multiple placings, and 5 burpees could mean qualifying for the next level of competition, you need to get “smart” on the movement, and really focus on efficiency.  I spent a bunch of time on Kelly’s MobilityWOD page, but I also hit up Carl Paoli’s GymnasticWOD page to clean up my burpee technique.  I literally changed my entire burpee technique this week after watching his videos.
For most of us, just doing the WODs is enough.  But if you want to get better, really good, at movements, you need to spend some time watching videos are learning on your own.  This goes for gymnastics, lifts, running, rowing, jumping rope, swimming, you name it.  I have a bunch of sites I go to and can recommend.  If you find one that is particularly helpful, let me know.
Can you apply this attention to detail to your life?  Do you already?

Mike rocks some 7 Minute Burpees with positive attitude all around him. 

Workout of the Day


Overhead Squat
9 Overhead Squats 95/65
12 Hand Release Pushups
15 Situps