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Beat The Fuzz

February 16, 2012

The Fuzz from CrossFit Invictus.  Lots of great (some familiar links) and videos here.  If video of the interior of the human body bothers you, search be warned.  I think “fuzz” is a good description for what we feel as we develop our fitness.  Some times, click you may develop pinpoint soreness: like in you calves after a ton of double unders, web or in your traps after lots of heavy cleans, or after “Angie” when you can’t straighten your arms!  This type of soreness may hinder your ability to complete tasks for a day to two because you’re so uncomfortable.

More often, I get the “fuzz”.  Sometimes it’s worse than others.  For me, the benchmark WODs like, Fran and Angie, where the reps are high and you go (relatively) fast, I experience a whole body tightness.  I have described it before as feeling like my body is shrink wrapped.

One of the ways I like to get rid of the “fuzz” is through a Contrast Shower.  All a Contrast Shower is a hot and cold water shower.  I start with the water as hot as I can get it, and let the hot water do it’s thing for 2 to 3 minutes.  Then, I get the water as cold as I can for at least 1 minute.  I go back and forth on this 2 or 3 times, and I always finish on cold.  If I have a particularly “fuzzy” area, I’ll get it under the hot water, then turn the water to cold, allowing the temperature change to directly affect the sorest area.  I started using Contrast Showers this summer, and it was nice.  In the winter, when it’s cold…not so fun.  But it helps.

Workout of the Day


Split Jerk

In 15 minutes, built to a max single



3 Wall Climbs

10m-ish Walking Lunge

10 Shuttle Sprints

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