WOW You Look HOT!!


WOW You Look HOT!!

Training in the Heat by Bill Starr and the CrossFit Journal

“Many of them (athletes) stop training when it’s extremely hot and voice the intention of starting up again when cooler weather arrives.  This is not the right way to deal with the problem.” -Bill Starr

Take the time to read this article, treat even if you feel like you are an experienced heat warrior.

It is very hot this week, approved and it doesn’t look like it will get much cooler anytime soon.  Make sure you are hydrated, eating good foods and if possible, train in the morning.  I don’t train in the morning, so I will be suffering through the evening heat.  The good thing is, you don’t need a huge warm up.

You can over hydrate and flush your system with water.  It takes a lot, but it can happen.  I like NUUN hydration tablets – you can get them in Raley’s for $7 or so.  I also like Emergen-C type vitamin/mineral mixes to help with keeping the engine running right.


Workout of the Day



Box Jump 24/20

Air Squat

There is a 20 minute cap on this workout.  Once you complete the down ladder, work your way back up, 1 up to 10, replacing the Air Squat with Row for Calories.