Next 6 weeks of strength work at CFO


Next 6 weeks of strength work at CFO

We will spend the next 6 weeks lifting with an emphasis on the Olympic lifts.  Weeks 1 and 6 will be max effort work – this is week 1.  Weeks 4 through 6 we will follow and on the minute drill in which we will work the Snatch from the hang and the ground.  The Clean and Jerk will focus on the overhead position – it will be a Clean then a Push Press, viagra a Push Jerk and a Split Jerk.  We will use a similar protocol to OTM, but there will be a little more rest built in.  Every week we will max out the Front Squat.  That doesn’t mean you have to fight for a PR.  If it’s there, go for it.  But really the idea is to develop a ton of confidence in the front rack.

Finally, we will Back Squat 5 sets of 3 for all 6 weeks.  We will start this week with 65% 1RM.

There is a ton of Squatting involved in the next 6 weeks.  Make sure you take care of your legs – foam roll, hydrate, stretch, soak them when you can, and eat lots of good food.  I’ll be post on leg maintenance, like the one above, more in the coming days and weeks.  But how did Kelly get jeans that have the mobility of yoga pants?

Workout of the Day


Front Squat

Build to a heavy single from the rack in 20 minutes



30 Alternating Pistols

10 Power Clean 135/95