Summer Events


Summer Events

On Sunday we will be floating the river as a group. If you have a kayak, click SUP, sildenafil tube or any other river craft, COME ALONG! We will be meeting at the Horseshoe Bar Recreation Area and getting out somewhere down the river, to be decided by the River leaders:) Please make sure you have everything you need – life jackets, raft/oars, food and drink. We stop a few times to eat/drink and play around.  Please RSVP either on Facebook or on the board at the gym. There will be no Open Gym on Sunday.

Monday, July 4th, we will be having a 9am class ONLY. No Kids classes that day. 

NEXT Saturday, the 9th, we will head to the Oakdale High School Aquatic Center to WOD in the water. We will meet there at 9am.  Please RSVP either on Facebook or on the board at the gym.


Workout of the Day


Clean and Jerk

in 20 minutes, build to a heavy single


Death by Handstand Pushup

In minute 1, do 1 HSPU, in minute 2, do 2.  Keep adding HSPU until you cannot complete the required work in a given minute.

If you cannot do HSPU, do 1 Wall Climb in minutes 0-3.  Do 2 WC in minute 4-7.  Do 3 in minutes 8-11.  If you are still going by minute 11, add 1 WC every minute.