Whole Life Challenge Meeting – 1/6 @ 7:30pm


Whole Life Challenge Meeting – 1/6 @ 7:30pm

On Wednesday, illness January 6th, drugs we will be holding our Whole Life Challenge Info Meeting. Over 20 people completed the 8 week challenge in the Fall – and many of them are ready to start again!

The Challenge consists of 8 weeks of being mindful not only of what we put into our bodies, drug but how we spend our days and nights. The food style is similar to Paleo in that there is no weighing and measuring, and there are foods that are compliant and of course NON compliant. Last challenge threw a bit of meditation at us, as well as adequate sleep, eating meals without screens or distractions and of course exercise!

If you are thinking about joining the challenge but are on the fence – COME TO THE MEETING! We will go over all aspects of the game itself as well as answer any questions on why we are doing these things.

The most important part of this is that you don’t have to face these changes alone. There are 26 people who will be joining you in the 8 weeks of fun. Make the commitment and we can go farther together. If you have friends or family members – tell them about it, get them to sign up with CrossFit Oakdale Team and bring them to the meeting!


Click on the picture to sign up!

Workout of the Day

OTM for 10

10 Wallball Shots 20/14

At 10:00, begin


30 Doubleunders

15 Chest to Bar Pullups

For the wall ball shot portion, do 10 WB as quickly as possible.  If that number causes you to blow up or work for more than 40 seconds, lower the number.  Really, my idea is for you to work  the wallball for 30 seconds.  Your score for this portion will be the lowest number of wall ball shots completed, much like a tabata.  So your score may look like 10, 4 plus 7.