Go Ruck

** If you are going to do the Whole Life Challenge (CrossFit Oakdale Team) sign up tonight to get the early bird special. Price goes up tomorrow. Meeting January 6th at 7:30pm.**
Cool video from the CrossFit Journal.  Owen is a CrossFit Sav-Up athlete and I have met him in the Pappas’ garage and as a medic in the CrossFit Games qualifiers.  He an intense dude, sildenafil and it’s cool to see him in this video.  We see Sav-Up and Hercules CrossFit in this video – friends of CrossFit Oakdale all.  Now, before you even ask – I have ZERO interest in participating in GoRuck, or anything like it.  I have humped a ruck or 2 in my day, and I’m not looking to play again.  If this looks like fun, CrossFit is a great way to get prepared.  Now, just because I don’t want to do this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value.  The folks are working their asses off and are learning a ton about life in a grueling test.
GoRuck aside, there are a TON of real world CrossFit, nay life lessons, in this video.  Regular people, – teachers, fire fighters, office workers, soldiers – talking about hard work, longevity, focus, complacency, pride, honesty.  It’s a beautiful CrossFit video and a great representation of the lifestyle.
In the next week, we will test the Clean and Jerk, the Snatch and Back Squat.  Only thing – we will be testing these lifts AFTER our conditioning work.

Workout of the Day
50 Ab Mat Situps (touch your shoelaces)
15 Power Cleans
Clean and Jerk
Following the conditioning WOD, build to a max effort Clean and Jerk in 20 minutes.