Welcome to PR City!


Welcome to PR City!

Big news on the Personal Record front

I lost count of the PRs on the Snatch by the time I walked out the gym at 7pm.  I think we were around 27 Snatch PRs!!!  Nearly every athlete that walked into CFO hit a personal best on their Snatch.  Kudos to Coaches Chris and Tricia that hit PRs after a period of being stuck at a weight.  This happens to the best athletes, clinic but you stay in the fight and keep getting better, working on little pieces, and eventually the lifts will come.  Here’s to many more!

And I heard a rumor Marci got her first double under.  Congrats Marci – your reward for hard work is the ability to do more hard work!

On the General Physical Preparedness front, Wendy ran her first 5k with no training other than CrossFit.  And she smoked it!

Rocky competed in the Ragnar Relay race and completed longer duration runs, going as far as 8 miles.  I don’t even like to drive that far.

And 4 of our CrossFit Kids (Finn, Owen, Jack and Will) all skated down the mega ramp at Woodward Tahoe this weekend.  The ramp has a 20 plus foot roll in – it’s enough to make you get a lump in your throat.  Not only did the roll in multiple times, they all stuck a landing, which is no joke.  Will actually rolled in from 25 feet, and it launched him a good 5 feet in the air. 

None of these athletes are specialists – whether it’s a 225 pound Snatch, putting 45 pounds over your head for the first time, jumping over a rope, running up a hill, skating down a ramp, or running a distance, being fit helps.  We all do CrossFit, and it looks like we’re getting better every day.


Workout of the Day


12 Push Press 115/75

12 Chest to Bar Pullups

12 Alternating Pistols