Getting ready to LiftOff


Getting ready to LiftOff

No better way to get ready to Snatch than to watch Pyrros Dimas

The CrossFit LiftOff is in 2 weeks – it’s a max Snatch and max Clean and Jerk with a Conditioning WOD.  There are weight classes and it sounds like a ton of fun.  We have done some excellent Olympic lifting complexes in the past 2 months, drug and I look forward to the LiftOff.

What CrossFit has not announced is the format for the event: how much time you get for each attempt, if it can be done over multiple days.  We know virtually nothing, excellent you will get to lift heavy.

In the lead up, we will test the Snatch on Monday and the Clean and Jerk on Wednesday.  Additionally, on Saturday at 10, will will test them together, as it’s tougher to hit that heavy Clean and Jerk after you have maxed out the Snatch.  We all want to PR, but especially in competition, we need to be ready to strategize.

Finally, on Saturday, following the lifting session, we will try the Bergeron Beep Test at 10a.  It’s a mix between a triplet of Thrusters, Pullups and Burpees, with a “Death by” and “OTM” element thrown in. More on that later…

Workout of the Day



Build to a max effort in 20 minutes


8 Rounds, for Reps

20 Seconds of Snatch 165/100

Rest 40 Seconds

40 Seconds of Doubleunders

Rest 20 Seconds

Record both total Snatch and total DU as separate scores

So, on the board your score may look like 235/21/485.  That’s a 235# Snatch, 21 Snatches in the work period, and 485 DU in the work period.