Wednesday 5/22/19


Wednesday 5/22/19

-by Alison

I wanted to state that right away – this is an Alison post (commence multiple emojis and lots of parentheses). I am 42 years old, mom of three kids, full time business owner, myriad of health problems(if I am clutching the pullup rig, please note if is for stability), but LIVING LIFE.

Sure, there are ups and downs. Losses that are mind blowing. But we have to keep going.

We cannot be the best at everything, if we are pretty good (really, even mediocre) at one thing, we are winning.

But you can’t stop. You can’t stop trying. You can’t stop learning, picking up new skills, maybe even mastering something.

I might even post this video EVERY TIME it comes up in my memories. It is not a pretty sight. I started CrossFit at the age of 32, at over 230# and full of health issues. What I didn’t know was that this journey would create the basis for a healthy life for me and my family. (Be aware our fridge is still stocked with ice cream.)

For those friend of your who say they need to get fit BEFORE they come into CrossFit, show them this video. Life is about keeping your mind open to ne ideas, learning new things, and of course trying out things you are NOT great at in the beginning.

Remember – it can only get better. As a side note, I am WAY better at pullups now. (took 10 years, but I am pretty happy with them :))

Emoji Out. 🙂

Be nice – I tried really hard.

Workout of the Day
(2012 OC Throwdown)


8 Toes to Bar

8 Deadlifts 225/155

8 Bar Facing Burpees