Memorial Day Plans


Memorial Day Plans

We will do one hero workout on Memorial Day, the upcoming Monday. Alas, it’s not Murph. Murph is a great workout. Michael Murphy was a great American hero. But it’s not the only workout, and he’s not the only man or woman that has paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

On Monday, we will do “Jared.” Jared is a body weight workout, 4 rounds of 800 meter runs, 40 pull-ups and 70 pushups. You can wear a 20 pound vest if you like. Still 2 miles of running, still a mess of calisthenics. And it’s one we’ve never done as a gym.

Workout of the Day


Pause clean plus hang clean plus jerk

Build to a heavy set in 15 minutes


OTM 15

As many squat cleans as possible in 15 seconds


Rest 45 seconds – score is total number of reps