We are now "In Season"


We are now "In Season"

So, patient as discussed, pill we will be performing the Open WODs on Friday on Saturday.  To adjust our training, we will stop our Back Squat program in the tracks – we are now “in season.”  I’ve changed the Deadlift to a deficit this week.  We will still have heavy lifting days, but we will focus on the Olympic Lifts and cycling the barbell for the next 5 weeks.

On Thursday, we will do a 30 minute work/rest OTM.  It’s pretty simple.  The goal will be to get you moving, make you breath heavy but hopefully not make you overly sore for whatever warm hell the nice people at the CrossFit Games decide to throw at us.

12764678_10208306629164644_865783636775966334_oWorkout of the Day



Build to a heavy set of 5. If you have worked and built over the last 5 weeks, work from a DEFICIT – standing on a 45# plate.  Take 20 minutes to build to your heavy set.



5 Power Cleans 135/95

10 Box Jump and Over 24/20

Parking Lot Run