We are family!


We are family!

I got back late Sunday night after watching the CrossFit Games.  Robin, pills Jake, recipe Micayla, Denny, Chance and I spent pretty much sun up to deep in to the night watching people exercise.  And it was glorious.  We tried to put out posts via Facebook, but Jen and Nick performed admirable on NorCal CrossFit’s team, taking 5th place, and actually holding the top spot in the world going into Sunday.  After getting to hang out with both of them, they were tired but exhilarated and thankful for all the support from their CrossFit Oakdale family.
Friend of CrossFit Oakdale Cindy Kelly took second in the world in the 50-54 women’s master division.  Cindy has been to a weightlifting seminar at CFO and you may have met her at other CrossFit related events.  Great job Cindy!
Friend of CrossFit Oakdale Chad Augustin took 6th in the world in the 40-44 men’s master’s division.  I’ve known Chad for a few years, and you’ve seen him at CFO before.  I spoke with Chad a few times, and I know he was a little disappointed he didn’t land onto a podium spot (he was as high as 3rd at one point) but he worked his butt off and ran into some WODs that didn’t favor him and fought like hell against some fit dude, including the 1st CrossFit Games champion.  Great job Chad!
I have a nasty WOD planned for open Gym on Thursday night at 6:30 – it should take 30 to 40 minutes, but there is a good about of rest built in.
Saturday is Body Fat Testing – the sign up sheet is at the gym at the front desk, or contact Alison.
Next Saturday is a Pool workout at Oakdale High School.  It will be in the morning – it will be related to the Master’s Functional Fitness league, but there will be a workout for everyone.
Today’s WOD has some challenging movements that can be scaled.  Box jumps, as always can be subbed with step ups.  Ring Dips can be scaled with bar dips, jumping ring dips, or even pushups.
For Ring Dips, ensure you are in a good position, with your torso a vertical as possible.  I would recommend small sets with short break – 3s and 5s will work great here – singles can also be effective if you are quick and disciplined in your breaks.

Doug - 5:30am Warrior

Doug – 5:30am Warrior

Workout of the Day
“2014 Master’s Down and Back”
50 Box Jumps and Overs 24/20
25 Toes to Bar
50 Wallball Shots
25 Ring Dips
50 Wallball Shots
25 Toes to Bar
50 Box Jump and Overs