Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events

Nutritional Seminar – Don’t forget, story the Nutritional Seminar is being held on Tuesday at 6:30pm.  CrossFit classes will be held at 4:30 and 5:30pm.
We have some Athletes signed up for the 2012 Survivor Mud run.  This is being held in Lathrop at Del Osso Farms on April 21, nurse 2012.  We have a coupon code that is good until February. If you sign up before January 11th, the price is $43. From January 11th until mid march, the cost jumps up to $57. Our coupon will get you $5 off the cost of the run.
It is exciting to have a run so close to home. The run itself is under 3.5 miles and will contain at least 16 down and dirty obstacles. If you haven’t done a mud run yet, this is just plain fun. If your new to CrossFit, this is a great goal to work up to, and 3 months is the perfect training time. Make sure you check out the course online.
The 2012 Tough Mudder is September 23, 2012.  Here’s the big news:  It will be held in Stanislaus County!  The Tough Mudder will be held at Diablo Grande in Patterson.  The Tough Mudder is a very challenging obstacle course/run.  It is littered with obstacles like fire, cold water and heights.  The terrain itself is usually obstacle #1.  If you are looking to train for something this year, the Tough Mudder is as good of a goal I can think of.
Speaking of goals, I set a goal this year of competing in the OC Throwdown.  It’s a huge CrossFit competition, maybe the biggest one outside of the CrossFit Games.  The two day, 6 WOD event will be held at The Hanger on the OC Fairgrounds.  What a venue!
Ashly, Louis and Tricia will be attending their CrossFit Level 1 Certifications this week.  The L1 Cert is a fun, informative weekend seminar providing the fundamentals of the CrossFit method.  It’s filled with great lectures, cool people and fun workouts.  I can’t wait to hear about it.  Good luck guys!

Workout of the Day
Jerk- Can be from the front or behind the neck(for more experienced). Find your 1RM
We are hoping to have 2 more racks by the evening.
Buy In: 21 Bar Facing Burpees
12 Jerks95/65
12 Pull-ups

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    1. Hi Robin!
      The coupon code that we currently have is for CrossFit Oakdale Members. Do you live in Oakdale? We have free trial classes every Saturday at 9am. Let me know if you have any questions.