Throwdown and Open Gym Saturday Morning


Throwdown and Open Gym Saturday Morning

It’s no secret that I love CrossFit competitions.  I love that competitions force you to prepare at high level, clinic focus in ways beyond what you normally do, view and push yourself harder than you thought possible.  The best by product of these efforts is the sense of community, order of shared experiences, these events create.  The nerves before the effort, cheering each other on, sharing “war” stories following your WOD over cheat meals is becoming my favorite stuff on earth.

“Throwdowns” are great challenges, and can be tons of fun once you’ve developed a pretty high level of fitness.
The CrossFit Games proved last year that even an “online” competition can force you to push harder (Intensity) and bring athletes together.  The CrossFit Games Open posted 1 WOD per week, for 6 weeks, and athletes competed against each other fot the right to move on to higher level events.  The 2012 CrossFit Games Open starts in late February, 2012 and will go for 5 weeks.  Many CrossFitters are preparing now.
The Throwdown Series is an online competiton similar to the CrossFit Games Open.  On December 15, the guys at the Throwndown Series will announce 3 Holiday themed competition WODs.  Check out the parameters of the competiton, and see if you’re interested.  I’ve done all their previous WODs: they’re always challegeing and fun.  I plan on doing this competition to “see where I’m at”.
We’ll be holding open gym on Saturday from 9-11am. CFO will put the Throwdown Series on the board for you to try.  If you like, sign up for $7 and submit your score.

Workout of the Day
400m run
21 Deadlifts 155/100

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