Thoughts and prayers


Thoughts and prayers

We are sorry to hear over the past few days of two CrossFit gyms in the Central Valley closing permanently. Both CrossFit Quake and CrossFit Parabellum have been around for a very long time. We have shared competitions, Opens, and general CrossFit life with both of them and are saddened by this news.

We truly appreciate those who have stood by us during this time. Thank you. Your support is keeping our currently shuttered doors metaphorically open.

For those of you continuing on this journey with us, O2 Recovery, Born Primitive, Bear Komplex and Puori are offering a combined $100 gift card to all members who keep their memberships active through the entire month of May. Continue to use the RECOVERY2140 code at checkout. There are some great deals with these companies. We thank them and you for your generosity.

Tomorrow’s Schedule

Romwod 8:30am Click here to join

CrossFit 9 am Click here to Join

Crossfit Oakdale Kids and Teens 3pm Click here to join

Dog butt for the win!

Workout of the Day


Push Press

5 Sets of 3

These should all be heavy – take ten minutes to warm up. If you don’t have a rack, but have a barbell, you will have to clean it up.



5 Sets 800m Run

50 Situps

50 Back Extensions