Burpee Hour


Burpee Hour

I know I asked for thoughts on Burpees for an hour… not a ton of feedback.

We added in burgers and got better responses! Saturday’s WOD will start with a warmup around 10am and then after we calm ourselves down from an hour of burpees, we can get to go orders from Gillman’s Classic Drive In! They will be generously opening their doors on a Saturday to get love and give love. Even if you hate burpees, you probably love a fry, milkshake and a burger.

I will post their menu tomorrow. Probably best to preorder, and then it can be ready for pickup around 11:45am or you can swing on by after.

Gillman’s Classic Drive In is family owned and run, by the parents of the Dale’s Pony CrossFit Commune of the DeGraff/Austin Family.

Please check out the event on Facebook and RSVP. You can do burpees ANYWHERE with ANYONE! Registration is free.

Tomorrow’s Schedule

ROMWOD 8:30am Click here to join

CrossFit 9am Click here to join

Zoom Meeting 840-9763-4992

Workout of the Day


Power Clean

5 Sets of 3 – Heavy Objects work:) if you don’t have a barbell


“Fully Loaded”

50 Double Unders
25 Toes to Bar
40 DU
20 T2B
30 DU
15 T2B
20 DU
10 T2B
10 DU
5 T2B

“Half Cocked”

50 Double Unders
25 Supine Leg Lifts, Toes to Couch/Kettlebell
40 DU
20 Supine Leg Lifts, Toes to Couch/Kettlebell
30 DU
15 Supine Leg Lifts, Toes to Couch/Kettlebell
20 DU
10 Supine Leg Lifts, Toes to Couch/Kettlebell
10 DU
5 Supine Leg Lifts, Toes to Couch/Kettlebell

“Empty Chamber”

25 Tuck Jumps
25 Situps
20 Tuck Jumps
20 Situps
15 Tuck Jumps
15 Situps
10 Tuck Jumps
10 Situps
5 Tuck Jumps
5 Situps

Accessory Work

3 Sets of 12 overhead Tricep Extension (both hands on dumbbell)
3 sets of 20 alternating Bicep Curls