Team Standings


Team Standings

Being on a team is only a positive thing – you can add to your victory, never take away.

The Split Jerks

Tricia, Wendy, Denny, Brian, Jess, Alex, Amber, Austin D., Bob, Brooke, Chelsie, Damon, Don, Finn, Jack, Jacob, Jill, Jordan, Justin, Kirk, Kristin, Maegan, McKenna, Michele, Ricardo, Ryan Jones, Shannon, Terri, Vicky, Will C. 

The Squat Cleans

Chance, Brad, Alison, Tim, Christine, Amanda, Amie, Austin T., Brad C., Bryce, Conney, Danelle, Eric, Glo, Jack Hub, Jeff, Joe, June, Katie, Kourtney, Lizzy, Maggie, Melissa, Pam, Ryan H, Scott, Steve, Troy, Victoria

The Split Jerks – 77 Points

The Squat Cleans- 89 Points

Workout of the Day

OTM 30 – 30s work/30s rest

Min 1- Handstand Pushups

Min 2 – Row for Calories

Min 3 – Double Unders