Swing Away!


Swing Away!

With the 10k Kettlebell Swing challenge in full swing (haha!), about it I wanted to share this great write up from CJ Martin at CrossFit Invictus.
CJ points out what proper swing mechanics look like, visit and how to test those mechanics.  Many of us are training for general health and fitness.  Make sure you maintain a neutral spine throughout your swings.  If you are thinking about competition, you will need to understand and master the bottoms up, overhead position.  Ask a coach about this “CrossFit competition” swing.
As I’m sure you’re finding out, 10k swings is a true challenge.  Getting through it will take persistence and fortitude.  And skipping a day?  That just means more tomorrow.  Remember, any type of swing is permitted (American, Russian, Hybrid {eyebrow}, one hand, alternating hands – just swing it).  And yes, today’s WOD swings will count for the challenge.

Ashly F. 

Workout of the Day
10 Push Press 95/65
10 Kettlebell Swings 53/35
10 Ring Dips

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