Settling Up


Settling Up

19.4 MVP

Amino Disrespect: Jacob – “His battle for the bar Muscle-Up was EPIC.”

Flexual Healing: Chelsie – “She works super hard and helps and supports EVERYONE. And she painted her face like KISS for band week!”

Swoletrain: Amie – Amie killed it on the Bar Muscle-Up and continued to push herself in every workout.”

Salute the Glutes: Alden – “Alden has been a very active and motivating presence. He is supportive of his team community and works extremely hard in each Open WOD.”

RamWOD: Victoria – “She always has a great attitude and pushes herself and her teammates.”

19.5 MVP

Swoletrain: June- “June consistently pushes herself throughout the workouts and gets better each week” [as of 1:37pm on Tuesday she was holding strong in 114th place in the WORLD (out of over 2100 athletes)]

Salute the Glutes: Jack O. – “Jack turned himself inside out for this workout and performed extremely well. He never hesitates to help out fellow athletes and is always excited to tackle the next obstacle.”

Flexual Healing: Jo N.- “He busted out 19.5 like a champ on Thursday evening, as he was headed out to Nebraska for the weekend. Solid thrusters and chest to bar pull-ups.

Amino Disrespect: Brooke- “Brooke has worked so hard throughout the entire Open. She has repeated workouts, done them RX and scaled, and PR’ed on 19.5. She has been supportive of all on her team and in the gym.”

RamWOD: Connor – “Connor showed MAJOR Grit! He left everything on the floor!! He fought hard and won with 95# thrusters and chest to bar pullups. Great work Connor!

Team Points:

1st: Amino Disrespect – 444

2nd: RamWOD- 278

3rd: Salute the Glutes- 247

4th: Swole Train- 203

5th: Flexual Healing- 203


Scott from Team RamWOD – 111 points

Brooke from Amino Disrespect – 100 points

Terri from Amino Disrespect – 69 points

Workout of the Day

20 Minutes to Establish Max Effort Back Squat

20 Minutes to Establish Max Effort Push/Split Jerk