DT is probably the most fun strategy workout. It’s a barbell workout, and it rewards smartly and efficiently breaking the workout. There are too many reps to go through completely unbroken, but you can go very big, but break smart. Like, 11 DL. Then 1 DL, into 8 HPC. Then, 1 HPC into the 6 push jerks. If you are really aggressive, you can, and should immediately begin deadlifting. These are the “easy” reps in the workout. But you need to get through them.

Now, this workout is even cooler. There is the light portion, which you should be aggressive and bank as much time as possible. You can’t go full ham, because you might really spike your heart rate in round 2. The goal is to get into the 3rd and 4th bars with time to really chip away.

By the later rounds, I would guess grip management is going to become an issue. Use the switch grip on 11 of your DL, then use the hook grip on the cleans. Try to relax your hands as much as possible in the shoulder to overhead.

Workout of the Day

DT Ladder

Every 4 minutes, complete 3 rounds of the following:
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Shoulder-to-Overhead

*If you complete the three rounds at a given weight within the 4min window, increase the weight to the next load, add another 4:00 to your time-cap, and immediately begin on the next three rounds.

  • Round 1 – 95, 65lb
  • Round 2 – 135, 95lb
  • Round 3 – 155, 105lb
  • Round 4 – 185, 130lb
  • Round 5 – 205, 145lb – *AMRAP with remaining time