Oakland A's on Saturday


Oakland A's on Saturday

Don’t forget – the A’s are playing on Saturday night, and we are coming in hot.

And I am playing the Knights Ferry Saloon on Tuesday and Tri-Tipery next Friday night – no biggie.

On Saturday, we will do a Open style workout – it’s awesome. It’s workout 3 from the Wodapalooza . More on strategy on Friday night.

DT Ladder

Every 4 minutes, complete 3 rounds of the following:
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Shoulder-to-Overhead

*If you complete the three rounds at a given weight within the 4min window, increase the weight to the next load, add another 4:00 to your time-cap, and immediately begin on the next three rounds.

  • Round 1 – 95, 65lb
  • Round 2 – 135, 95lb
  • Round 3 – 155, 105lb
  • Round 4 – 185, 130lb
  • Round 5 – 205, 145lb – *AMRAP with remaining time

Workout of the Day

OTM 10

Power Clean Milo

3 reps – at 5-10 from last week

Front Squat w/ 1 second pause at bottom

Build to a heavy single in the remaining time in class