Saturday – Eat Your Veggies


Saturday – Eat Your Veggies

Saturday’s workout comes from the Wodapalooza Qualifiers. Karen – or 150 WB – and 75 T2B. Break em however you want.

I think for the fittest, big sets with few transitions may be best. 150 then 75 can be fastest, but I would guess 3 sets of 50 and 25 is great. If your big sets lead to longer and longer breaks, you will see time begin build up fast.

These movements do not interfere terribly – it’s pull and push, the wall balls don’t effect the grip, and the wall ball isn’t heavy. It’s the accumulation. If your first round of 50/25 takes 4 minutes, and your last round takes 8, how could you break it better?

10 sets of 15 and 7 is a lot of transitions, but I bet you can move pretty steady.

Another strategy is to knock out your weak movement a little early. For me, I may front load my wall ball, because I know they get slow. I may open with 15, then a quick set of 5, and hustle to T2B, knowing I can finish them strong.

You can always do 1 more wall ball, but when T2B go, they go and you stand around a bit. If T2B are not great, you can do a few bigger sets early, like 10 (breaking those into quick small sets, too).

My goal is never to be standing around – I always want to be chipping away.

Workout of the Day

150 Wallball Shots

75 Toes to Bar

Break up how you want.