Positively Motivating


Positively Motivating

I always strive to use positive words in the gym and in life.  “Keep moving” is always better than “Don’t put the bar down.”  As an athlete that is pushing as hard as you can, viagra buy using positive words is a simple way to keep the mind on the task at hand.  Think about situations where you were pushing your pace and someone yelled out “Don’t stop!”  What happened next?  I’m guessing you stopped.  At the same time, hospital if I pull an athlete aside and tell them, “Hey, I think you can do this WOD in 8 minutes,” or “I think you can Snatch 200 pounds” you see them make that lift, or come up just short.  But what if I said you can do this WOD in 7 minutes, or you can Snatch 220 pounds?  Do they hit those numbers because they are in their head?
I have no idea.  Maybe.  I’m not trying to unlock the powers of the human mind in one post.  But try to think about creating that positive mental mindset.  This came up last week during the KB Snatch.  During this one handed movement, you have to switch the weight between hands.  What do you call your left hand if you are right handed?  My weak hand?
At my agency, we carry firearms, specifically pistols.  In our pistols qualifications, we used to call our shooting hand “strong hand” and our other hand “weak hand.”  But you put that gun in your weak hand, what do you think is going to happen?  Do you think your mind is prepared to hit the target when you are in your “weak” hand?  Over the years we called it our dominant hand/non dominant hand, strong hand /support hand.
What should we call your hands as we work them individually.  I would say left/right hand.  Call one lightning and the other thunder.  I would not use the term weak hand.  EVER.  We have better words that denote success and strength.  Let’s use them.

Positive Messages

Positive Messages…Oh Speal….Keep GOING!

Workout of the Day
Kettlebell Snatch
3 Right/3 Left, OTM for 10
10 Pullups
10 Pistols (alternating)***
10 Pushups
***If you cannot do Pistols, do 10 Walking Lunges

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