Strategy in the Regionals

The CrossFit Games Regional WODs are being posted this week – Day 1 & 2 are up.  The first WOD is a Max Effort Hang Squat Snatch.  Good thing we work on that…all the time.  But, prescription notice how strategy will play in this year.  Much like an Olympic Weightlifting meet, you only have 3 attempts.  You may not lower the weight once you call you opening lift.  Lots of things to factor in here.  What would YOU open with?  What would your 3 lifts be?
Insert Snatch Joke Here from CrossFit Almaden.  This gym is owned by Jason Highbarger.  Jason may be the first CrossFitter.  He started in ’99 with Coach Glassman, possibly BEFORE they moved into the original gym.  I’ve competed with Jason and spoken with him on a few occasions.  He is an absolute nerd for CrossFit.
I have been practicing rope climbs…what a dope – I have been using my legs. 
Workout of the Day
Clean and Jerk, Low Hang
5 sets of 2, 65%-70% of 1RM
Work all Cleans from the Low Hang (Position 2).  Try to work your C&J linked, but if you have to drop, that’s ok.  Drop the bar, deadlift it up, lower back to the Low Hang, and perform your second Clean and Jerk.
Run Parking Lot
5 Cleans 185/115
14 minute cap