Our Location: 1872 Ackley Circle, Oakdale, CA


Our Location: 1872 Ackley Circle, Oakdale, CA

Big news!  CrossFit Oakdale is located at 1872 Ackley Circle, sick Suite 8.  This is just off Albers Road and Warnerville Road, across from the TL Davis Complex.  It’s away from traffic, has plenty of parking, with nice running routes.
Our Rouge Pullup Rig is going to be delivered to the location on Friday afternoon, and I has assembled some of the sharpest minds in the Central Valley  to help erect it.  Floors will be delivered tomorrow, too.  Whew.  Lots of work ahead, but we can’t wait!
Plenty of people have offered their assistance, but NOW is the time.  Text me, hit me on FB, post to comments, whatever.  But if you want to help, please do!
Workout of the Day
Snatch cluster
5 sets of 1.1.1
1.1.1 means do 1, rest 10 seconds, do 1, rest 10 seconds, do 1.  Rest 2 minutes between clusters.
7 Snatch 135/95
100m weighted carry.
Pick something heavy, carry it 50m out, and 50m back.  I’m going to use 2 35# DB.

2 Responses

  1. louis

    Wendler power clean
    Farmers carry 35# kb each hand was hard on the grip. Snatches were triples and doubles.
    Cash out
    50 ring pushups
    100 situps