The pull-up rig is up and the floors are down!  A serious minded work crew got to work early Saturday, purchase and by Sunday at noon, viagra buy we turned an empty warehouse into a starter CrossFit gym.  Sure, you have to use the bathroom in the dark, but you can do muscle ups!  HUGE thanks to all the helpers over the weekend!  It was great experience for a guy that has very little when it come to building something like this.
For today’s WOD, I want to test out the structure.  I’ve also been without a pull-up bar for a bit; I think the last serious pull-up WOD I did was OC Throwdown WOD #2, so a big pull-up WOD is needed.  If you want to be a “test subject”, hit me up in the comments section.  We may try this WOD in the dark, with no music, but hey, it’s still fun.
FYI – I have been doing my strength work in the AM, with the met con in the evening.  When we start regular classes, I will likely start doing them together, but I like the effect so far.

Workout of the Day
Clean Cluster
5 heavy sets, rest 2 minutes between sets.  Build up to the heavy weight, and do it 5 times.  Remember, a cluster is: clean, rest 10s, clean, rest 10s, clean, rest 10s, clean, rest 2 min, repeat.
10 RFT
10 Pullups
10 Burpees

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