Open 20.2


Open 20.2

CrossFit Games Open 20.2 is a doozy. Couple of tips.

The db thrusters are pretty heavy, but there are not a lot of them. After our thruster build, we are well prepared for a bunch of thrusters.

For the db thrusters – I highly suggest you place the db very close together and straddle them. Power clean them to your shoulders, and begin you’re thrusters. Don’t force the squat clean if it leaves you off balance. The db may get squirrely. Better to be stable – the db may pull you all around.

For TTB – I say this all the time, but do your TTB facing towards the walls, and not the center of the rig. On your last TTB, fall forward into your rope.

Doubleunders – lay your rope down on the ground organized and neat.

Workout of the day


4 db thrusters 50/35

6 Toes to bar

24 Doubleunders