On Wednesday we squat.


On Wednesday we squat.

Tomorrow we are going to squat. We have bene doing our on the minute, and we will continue. If you can back squat, continue your 5 on the minute for 10 minutes. If you cannot put it on your back, do a front squat. If you do not have a barbell, try dumbbell thrusters or Kettlebell thrusters. These can be done single arm style, or 1 piece of equipment held with both hands. If you have lighter dumbbells, one in each hand. If you are attending the 9am class on Zoom, make sure your equipment is ready and let Alison know what you are doing in the beginning of the class.

The goal is to squat hard for 20 seconds and rest for 40 seconds.

Does that mean you are still doing 5? If you have a lighter weight and can do more than 5, do that. If you don’t have any equipment, grab a bag of dog food, laundry, stack of books, anything that is heavy that you can pick up.

Tomorrow’s Schedule

8:30am ROMWOD Click Here to join

9:00am CrossFit Click Here to join

Workout of the Day

Squat EMOM 10

5 Back Squat if possible

If not, front squat, thruster on a DB/KB – work hard for 20, rest for 40


Death by Clean 135/95

Perform 1 clean in the first minute, 2 the second, keep going until you cannot complete the required work

If you don’t have a barbell, perform DB/KB hang clean on one hand, and then the other. Then 2 left, then 2 right, etc.