Day 2 here we come!


Day 2 here we come!

Big thanks to those who attended the online classes this morning! It was great to see your smiley faces and ROMWOD together.

Tomorrow’s Classes for our loyal and loving members!

Changing ROMWOD to the 8:30am regular schedule. CLICK HERE to join the class.

9am CrossFit CLICK HERE to join the class.

If you are interested in the 5:30pm class, let me know!

Workout of the Day (see instagram for a short modification video and stay tuned for more of that :))

20M Alternating EMOM

“Fully Loaded”

30 second Handstand Hold

30 Seconds of Rest

30 Seconds Toes to Bar

30 Seconds Rest

“Half Cocked/Empty Chamber”

30 seconds : double dumbbell or plate hold overhead, headstand hold, plank hold

30 Seconds Rest

30 Seconds: Toes to Couch, V-Up Situps, Abmat Situps

30 Seconds Rest