My My My Poker Face


My My My Poker Face

Over the years, salve we have tried many different techniques to count work.  Athletes have called out their name, recipe or round, ampoule to signify one complete round, and a coach marks the board.  This is fine, but it generally removes the coach from actually coaching.  We have tried having athletes mark themselves, first with a pen, which requires fine motor skills and wastes workout time, or the finger swipe.  I really like the finger swipe: we draw a line on the board, and every time you complete a round, you swipe your finger through the marked line.  The empty spaces signify a complete round.  The drawback?  In a full class, certain athletes have to reach aalllll the way to the bottom of the whiteboard to swipe that line.
I think Alison (smart gal that she is) provided us with the best method I’ve seen to count rounds.  Introducing…the poker chip!  Grab a pile of chips, and once you complete a round, start you stack.  You can move chips from one stack to the other, whatever makes sense to you.  This way, you’re counting, coaches can coach, and you get the visible satisfaction of seeing your pile get big.
Only draw back?  I only have one set of chips.  If you have extra poker chips that you would like to donate, please bring em in.
And today’s WOD is a perfect poker chip WOD, so I’ve named it.

 Kyle H

Workout of the Day
“Poker Face”
5 Pullups*
10 Wallball Shots 20/14
15 Kettlebell Swings 53/35
*Advanced athletes – Pullups are C2B

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