More 3s Company Prep


More 3s Company Prep

Thursday will be another workout to prep some of the big movements from the upcoming 3s Company comp – HSPU and Devil’s Press. HSPU – we do em all the time. Devil’s Press – we never do it. It’s a bit of a pain as it requires 2 DB, so we’ll be alternating work stations so everyone can get both hands on the DB.

I think off the Devils Press as a burpee, the chest touches the ground and the DBs go from ground to over head. I have seen some folks argue that a true devils press requires you to gather the DB between the legs and essentially snatch them to the over head. I really don’t give a flying burrito – as long as you get your chest to the ground between the DB, and get them to the overhead. That is the standard we will use at 3s Company.

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Workout of the Day

Alternating EMOM 12
Work 30, rest 30
Min 1 – Devils Press 50/35
Min 2- Handstand Pushups
Rest 4
Row for Calories