New Gear


New Gear

So, I’m becoming a little gear obsessed. I literally have not bought anything for CrossFit since 2014 except shoes. This year I had a little knee thing, and I bought some cheap knee sleeves on Amazon. Then, during the squat program I bought a belt, and then bough a pair of lifting shoes for the first time since 2014.

And then – the grips. I have always been pretty good at pulling movements. For years, I have done well at workouts including muscle ups, pullups and anything hanging. Through 30 years of pullups, I’ve developed tough hands and I almost never tear.

But CrossFit has up the ante on certain things – like huge numbers of bar muslceups. I’ve found that my hands can survive huge pullup or even ring muscle up workouts, but linked bar muscle ups tear my hands. Because my hands are generally tough, I have avoided using grips. I’ve worn them for pullups or toes to bar, but my hands would slip just enough to cause me to not want to wear grips for the thing that actually made me tear, the bar muscle up. So, I started buying grips to find ones that work. I kind of went overboard.

What really worked for me was forcing myself to do the bar muscle up progression with the grips and force myself to feel comfortable. I would buy a pair, test em out, buy another pair, test em out. I would perform my pullup or BMU warm uo with the grips just to develop comfort. After 2 weeks or so of forced work, it started to come together and I had my best BMU workout, probably ever, on Tuesday. Did 40 BMU, big linked sets, and my hands are pristine. I wish I could say that about my wallet.

*** Bunco will be postponed to a date in September. Sorry:(***

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